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Tennis can change your life
Tennis involves and activates all of the muscles and organs of the body in some way or another. Most of us are not active enough and since what we do with our bodies also effects what we can do with our minds, proper physical fitness greatly impacts our mental alertness, emotional stability, and helps significantly with stress reduction.

One purpose of teaching is to have people view tennis as a way to get and stay healthy, as well as playing the sport and sharing it with friends and family. My programs range from family fun to competitive preparations.

The game of tennis is great for all walks of life and all ages. Young tennis players can have fun and make new friends. Parents get their children playing to develop healthy exercise habits, good sportsmanship, character, and social skills. Adults play to be fit and healthy and get a break from their busy lives. Seniors play to stay healthy and fit while maintaining strong immune systems, and improving their longevity.

That’s why Tennis is the “sport of a lifetime”!

Competitive Tennis
In the physical realm, there’s a natural oscillation of stress and recovery when a player competes in a point and then has the rest period between points or on changeovers. Like heart rate, muscle activity, brain waves, sleep cycles and glucose cycles, tennis oscillates in a similar pattern.

These physical oscillations provide a total body fitness transformation that becomes a part of who we are and calls us back to the court again and again.

Come experience the game! It will change you forever!